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Where’s Mom? November 3, 2009

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Freezing your furry arse off and got nothing to warm you up and the heating isn’t working either? Why not ask family members for support? If they don’t want to help you, there are lovely scripted weapons out there. Tadah! All wrapped up!

Yes, I know it’s a sheep, but as I blahed in an earlier post, this blog’s for both. They’re quite the same, apart from the ears and some other minor details. The jacket is all prims and thanks to mod OK! pleasantly modifiable. Of course hooves are sticking everywhere, but that’s just adding up to the warming up. *nods*

(Sorry for the crappy pic, I still haven’t tweaked all setting of the viewer on my new laptop and I don’t want to melt it again.)

blahblubSheep’s wearing:

jacket: “*Quilted Parka* Rainbow Dots” from TOSL

shirt: “kazoete miyou T shirt kuro” from HOTCH POTCH

pants: “Slick n Shiny Silver” from &Bean

boots: “*Quilted Wellies* (short) Rainbow Dots” from TOSL

hair: “long summer chignon/coffee/may2009” from BP*


Bunny can do cute, too! October 14, 2009

This is another guest outfit carefully created by Bunny Brickworks. Surprisingly no blood, no offensive slogans and most of all no weapons! Yes! It is possible! …and no! I didn’t force her to do it!

I’m pretty sure those curlers could be equipped with various rocket launchers or something similar…


Bunny’s wearing:

top and pants: “Cutie Patutie Botanical Jammie” from Mischief

shoes: “Blue Bunny Slippers” from ETD

hair: “Curlers platinum” from Curl Up and Dye (CUD)


Carnivore September 12, 2009

Being a bunny and an out of the closet carnivore is a great combination for a troublesome life.
Equiped with statement T-shirt and bloody pants this look might hold those bloody vegetarians at bay! Yay! Pants and belt are easy to fit around our meaty bellies (other carnivores: HANDS OFF!) and boosting cuteness and attitude. Look at those little skulls and those kick-ass lollipop! (click pic for laaaarg view)
I saw the hair on some bunnies on mina Jun‘s Flickr stream. In her profile she states that she doesn’t speak English, so I threw away my last bits of dignity by asking her about the hair in Japanese. In English it might have been something like: Hair! Likey! Give please! OK? It’s not for sale as far as I know…so not really helpful for you. XD

Enjoy your meat!

2009-09-12_00002shirt: “beef or chicken… 1” from Drowsy

belt: “Pouch hip belt black/pink” from Tuli

pants: “03 – stains capri” from Ducknipple (not Dicknipple!)

socks: “LoC_Socks(Black)” from Amerie’s Naughty

shoes: “Drunks” from Urban Bomb Unit

tattoo from EtchD, hair made by mina Jun (nA)


Bunny likes bunnies… August 7, 2009

…but not the sheep. What’s up with that?

Now that the cute new fluffy Shy Sheep avatar is out, available as a gift on the current CSR/Summer Choice stamp orgy, I am considering to make this blog for both. Basically they’re the same, apart from the attachments and slightly different head (eyes, horns, ears). Unfortunately WordPress won’t let me add another Flickr-feed to the side-bar and research showed this would be only possible with two sidebars…so I haven’t decided yet, if I change the layout or just let it be as it is. At least the title matches both…although…is wool fur? Before I get all brainy and sport a headache for the rest of the day, let me present you Bunny Brickworks.

I don’t know why and how, but she seemed to love the bunny avatar instantly and even bought one (as my two readers know I was late with even trying the avatar), but…of course…gave it a bit of a Bunny’s touch. Whatever that means might be obvious to those who follow her on Flickr or Plurk or even both. So far she did three outfits actually, one is innocently bursting with cuteness, which isn’t just because of the avatar. In case I got you fast asleep by now

WAKE UP!!! Picture’s coming up!


Bunny’s (harhar) wearing:

hair: “Skater Hat / Hair (Black)” from AVZ

shirt: “Fuck Bunny Tee” from Sassy Kitty Designs

pants: “Viking Cargo Pants – black” from Primitive Design

shoes: “Bloody Bunny Slippers” from LuNi Designs (they leave bloody foot prints! O.O)

cigarette’s from FNKY!


My Back July 20, 2009

Drowsy’s Summer Horror Festival has been going on since Saturday. My bunny went as a colour-bomb (as usual) but came back with a bag full of stuff (right click -> buy, right click -> buy without even watching) and the result is a rather eye-pleasing bunny. Still cute and not really scary (I couldn’t fix the eye/head-bandage from BP* around my big head properly). Yay!


Bunny’s wearing:

hair: “Dorothy’s Morning – Nothingness” from Fashionably Dead

cheeky stuff: “BP*hoppe/cheeks/tears/chin” from the Horror Festival

T-shirt: “”Drowsy” horror” from the Horror Festival (comes with two types of scary arms for your body)

skirt: “BP*  ruffleskirt/mizutama black” from the Horror Festival

plaster: “Bandaids – Hearts” from Reek

socks: “MI KNEE HIGHS – BLACK PLAID” from Miel

shoes: “Candy Flats/Licorice/Bows/Strap/” from Scribble (texture is darkened)

barkingly cute flying prim bunnies (attach to your eye-balls) are from Scribble as well

cigarette as usual from Primitive Design

I’m using Chrome at the moment so no Foxy Tunes, but in case you’re really interested what I’m listening to right now: It’s ブギウギNo.5 from Puffy. :p


Slutty? June 4, 2009

How can this much cuteness be called slutty???

The worst comments I got for the shoes. As a bunny you always have height issues, so wearing some lovely heels from time to time shouldn’t be considered as “slutty”! Yeah, yeah…they are from Stiletto Moody, so what? 😛


Bunny’s wearing:

top: “Twiggy Vest Razzle Pink” from Kookie

suspenders: “Suspenders(Heart)” from amerie’s NAUGHTY

skirt: “Lame skirt(Red)” from amerie’s NAUGHTY

stockings: “ONE-PIECE111socks” from kuri style

shoes: “Bitch Bootie (BB Black Heel)” from Stiletto Moody (name’s not helping here!)

hair: “.+*Anzy*+.Vanilla” from Mirai Style

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Stasi is watching you! May 28, 2009

It’s no secret that I enjoy stalking fellow SL users. I don’t understand the barking about profile-“stalking”…profiles are there to be read and it’s not a shame to do so! I like to know what others are doing, but not many let me know and asking anyone “What are you doing right now?” feels weird. Only a few people let me see their map-status, which I thoroughly check every few hours or so. A pile of dots around one name might result in further questioning. It’s really a shame that only Bunny lets me stalk her shamelessly. *deep sigh*

Running around with a bunny avatar and my passion for stalking resulted in the nickname StasiHasi (Stasi-Bunny) and “inspired” this outfit.

Sorry for the blahblah, meet StasiHasi! ♥ (Look at that “I don’t approve!” expression!)

2009-05-27_00004Bunny’s wearing:

jacket: “Devilish Legions – Jacket UNISEX” from Primitive Design (tinted darker, original lighter grey)

pants: “payton pants – black” from Primitive Design

shoes: “Short Combat Boots” from TonkTastic

hair: “Widow Hair (Black)” from AVZ (it looks more like dark purple to me)

necklace: “Heavy Neck Chain” from COBRAHIVE (great for the “petting-zoo-escapee”-look)

cigarette is from Primitive Design

Now playing: The White Stripes – I Want To Be The Boy
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