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Slutty? June 4, 2009

How can this much cuteness be called slutty???

The worst comments I got for the shoes. As a bunny you always have height issues, so wearing some lovely heels from time to time shouldn’t be considered as “slutty”! Yeah, yeah…they are from Stiletto Moody, so what? 😛


Bunny’s wearing:

top: “Twiggy Vest Razzle Pink” from Kookie

suspenders: “Suspenders(Heart)” from amerie’s NAUGHTY

skirt: “Lame skirt(Red)” from amerie’s NAUGHTY

stockings: “ONE-PIECE111socks” from kuri style

shoes: “Bitch Bootie (BB Black Heel)” from Stiletto Moody (name’s not helping here!)

hair: “.+*Anzy*+.Vanilla” from Mirai Style

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2 Responses to “Slutty?”

  1. Bunny Says:

    ‘Bitch Bootie’ shoes? And you wonder that certain people say things like ‘*cough* hooker everything’?

    I love the outfit.

  2. Terry Toland Says:

    I’m thinking it’s a combination of factors that have overwhelmed the inherent cuteness. Starting with the base, the bunny avatar is cute, hands down, with really nothing about it that would really hint at sexuality (well, unless you want to start looking at fertility symbolism, but I don’t think that’s what comes to mind with most people). So, that’s in the clear.

    The hair could be cute, punky, or sexy. Having that dash of hair in front of one eye can convey feelings of shyness, rebelliousness, or sensuality. It almost has a messy feel to it, too, with fully formed pieces sticking out (as opposed to a full, sleek structure).

    The pink, no sleeve-twiggy top could be cute, but strapless tops bring attention to – as the host on ‘How to Look Godo Naked’ says – “the jollies”. It’s a hto pink, too, rather than a soft baby pink, so it’s more on the bold-side, especially with a major modeling icon print. (At least, that looks like Twiggy. I could be off.)

    The sparkly mini dress is very… hoochie. It’s a staple of the stereotypical street-walker uniform, and even with suspenders from childhood, it’s really hard to give it an innocent vibe.

    The lacy socks could go either way, but a lot of that deals with what bottom is being worn. As it’s a mini, it’s more reminiscent of bedroom fishnets than simple stockings.

    Finally, the shoes. The only thing that really speaks to cuteness here is the over-sized feel, which can be adorable when used correctly. Otherwise, everything, even the name is working against this pair of heels to be cute- shiny, black leather material, super-spiked heels, and the buckles point towards gear you could find in an adult store, perhaps even one specialized in BDSM.

    So, most of the pieces individually can be ok, but I can see how it can be taken the other way when they’re combined.

    And sorry if this was overboard- I’m… well, crazy. >_>; The outfit personally isn’t in my taste, but I’m for more eclectic ensembles, anyways. I do like the presentation, and the written part was amusing. Clearly, you grabbed my ADHD attention span enough to get me to write this much! XD Good work. 🙂

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