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My Back July 20, 2009

Drowsy’s Summer Horror Festival has been going on since Saturday. My bunny went as a colour-bomb (as usual) but came back with a bag full of stuff (right click -> buy, right click -> buy without even watching) and the result is a rather eye-pleasing bunny. Still cute and not really scary (I couldn’t fix the eye/head-bandage from BP* around my big head properly). Yay!


Bunny’s wearing:

hair: “Dorothy’s Morning – Nothingness” from Fashionably Dead

cheeky stuff: “BP*hoppe/cheeks/tears/chin” from the Horror Festival

T-shirt: “”Drowsy” horror” from the Horror Festival (comes with two types of scary arms for your body)

skirt: “BP*  ruffleskirt/mizutama black” from the Horror Festival

plaster: “Bandaids – Hearts” from Reek

socks: “MI KNEE HIGHS – BLACK PLAID” from Miel

shoes: “Candy Flats/Licorice/Bows/Strap/” from Scribble (texture is darkened)

barkingly cute flying prim bunnies (attach to your eye-balls) are from Scribble as well

cigarette as usual from Primitive Design

I’m using Chrome at the moment so no Foxy Tunes, but in case you’re really interested what I’m listening to right now: It’s ブギウギNo.5 from Puffy. :p


4 Responses to “My Back”

  1. Bunny Says:

    *sighs* you’re the purrtiest lil goth bunny ever. thanks for a blog post that is very eye-pleasing and almost makes me go and buy all the things. oh wait, I had given in to peer group pressure and already bought almost everything …

  2. Tarissa Tripsa Says:

    I’m quite sure you’re in deep need for those cute plasters from Scribble *nods*

  3. belochkashostakovich Says:

    Oh wow! That’s got to be one of the greatest bunny looks I’ve seen. And those flying Scribble bunnies, thank you for showing them, I have to get those (already have the Teeny one which is just so sweet).

  4. […] amazing, as usual. You can see the free Zero Number flip flops here at Beanie’s blog, and the awesome outfit that Tarissa picked up over here. I’m wearing a bunch of new release hair from BP*, t-shirts from Drowsy designers, shirts […]

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