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Where’s Mom? November 3, 2009

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Freezing your furry arse off and got nothing to warm you up and the heating isn’t working either? Why not ask family members for support? If they don’t want to help you, there are lovely scripted weapons out there. Tadah! All wrapped up!

Yes, I know it’s a sheep, but as I blahed in an earlier post, this blog’s for both. They’re quite the same, apart from the ears and some other minor details. The jacket is all prims and thanks to mod OK! pleasantly modifiable. Of course hooves are sticking everywhere, but that’s just adding up to the warming up. *nods*

(Sorry for the crappy pic, I still haven’t tweaked all setting of the viewer on my new laptop and I don’t want to melt it again.)

blahblubSheep’s wearing:

jacket: “*Quilted Parka* Rainbow Dots” from TOSL

shirt: “kazoete miyou T shirt kuro” from HOTCH POTCH

pants: “Slick n Shiny Silver” from &Bean

boots: “*Quilted Wellies* (short) Rainbow Dots” from TOSL

hair: “long summer chignon/coffee/may2009” from BP*