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Carnivore September 12, 2009

Being a bunny and an out of the closet carnivore is a great combination for a troublesome life.
Equiped with statement T-shirt and bloody pants this look might hold those bloody vegetarians at bay! Yay! Pants and belt are easy to fit around our meaty bellies (other carnivores: HANDS OFF!) and boosting cuteness and attitude. Look at those little skulls and those kick-ass lollipop! (click pic for laaaarg view)
I saw the hair on some bunnies on mina Jun‘s Flickr stream. In her profile she states that she doesn’t speak English, so I threw away my last bits of dignity by asking her about the hair in Japanese. In English it might have been something like: Hair! Likey! Give please! OK? It’s not for sale as far as I know…so not really helpful for you. XD

Enjoy your meat!

2009-09-12_00002shirt: “beef or chicken… 1” from Drowsy

belt: “Pouch hip belt black/pink” from Tuli

pants: “03 – stains capri” from Ducknipple (not Dicknipple!)

socks: “LoC_Socks(Black)” from Amerie’s Naughty

shoes: “Drunks” from Urban Bomb Unit

tattoo from EtchD, hair made by mina Jun (nA)