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Bunny can do cute, too! October 14, 2009

This is another guest outfit carefully created by Bunny Brickworks. Surprisingly no blood, no offensive slogans and most of all no weapons! Yes! It is possible! …and no! I didn’t force her to do it!

I’m pretty sure those curlers could be equipped with various rocket launchers or something similar…


Bunny’s wearing:

top and pants: “Cutie Patutie Botanical Jammie” from Mischief

shoes: “Blue Bunny Slippers” from ETD

hair: “Curlers platinum” from Curl Up and Dye (CUD)


Stasi is watching you! May 28, 2009

It’s no secret that I enjoy stalking fellow SL users. I don’t understand the barking about profile-“stalking”…profiles are there to be read and it’s not a shame to do so! I like to know what others are doing, but not many let me know and asking anyone “What are you doing right now?” feels weird. Only a few people let me see their map-status, which I thoroughly check every few hours or so. A pile of dots around one name might result in further questioning. It’s really a shame that only Bunny lets me stalk her shamelessly. *deep sigh*

Running around with a bunny avatar and my passion for stalking resulted in the nickname StasiHasi (Stasi-Bunny) and “inspired” this outfit.

Sorry for the blahblah, meet StasiHasi! ♥ (Look at that “I don’t approve!” expression!)

2009-05-27_00004Bunny’s wearing:

jacket: “Devilish Legions – Jacket UNISEX” from Primitive Design (tinted darker, original lighter grey)

pants: “payton pants – black” from Primitive Design

shoes: “Short Combat Boots” from TonkTastic

hair: “Widow Hair (Black)” from AVZ (it looks more like dark purple to me)

necklace: “Heavy Neck Chain” from COBRAHIVE (great for the “petting-zoo-escapee”-look)

cigarette is from Primitive Design

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No carrots attached! May 23, 2009

Not anymore!

Already, this is my first “guest model”: Takuya Kawashima. Maybe best known as Bunny Brickworks’ porn-buddy and for his mad licking scripting skillz. Before the shoot we had to remove a carrot from his pants and I’m not kidding!…Men!
Posing with a pose named something with “Barbie” in it (it’s from Long Awkward Pose) is manly enough!


Takuya’s wearing:

shirt “Jed Shirt *blacks*” from artilleri

pants “Riot Pants (black)” from Primitive Design

shoes: “Oxford Flares – black” from Shiny Things

hair: “Hoke-Troika – black” from Gritty Kitty

cigarette is from Primitive Design

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Just what the world needs… May 21, 2009

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…another Second Life fashion-blog!

I was a bit late with trying out the “story of a bunny”-avatar from **DP**yumyum (CSR-W2008 gift). I “started” in March and I’m still enjoying dressing up this cute avatar. Somehow it is so cute, it’s hard to make it look…erm…”not cute”, that is why you might see some weird outfits here. I already have a fashion-blog so I’ll make this rather simple, less blah, less information about the items. I hope someone else will find this entertaining of some sorts, if not…I can still pat my own shoulder and tell me what great achievements I’m going to make for the bunnies out there. …erm…right….

There’s a Flickr group as well (clickyclick!) and you can see the latest additions on this blog-page as well.


Bunny’s wearing:

Shirt “Bunny Bashing” from TonkTastic

tattoo “slit my wrists it will taste delicious tattoo” in “bright” from Heartattack & Vine

pants “Viking Cargo Pants” from Primitive Design

hair “*Nucco*(Cotton Candy)” from Zero Style -> tinted red, not original colour; was part of the CSR-gift

leek “very silent leek” from Ducknipple -> FREEEEEEEEEEE!

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